Increase Customer Satisfaction and Google Reviews with AI Powered SMS Surveys

Customers find you through Google. That's why strategic businesses invest in their Google presence.

Build Relationships

Give your customers an intimate channel to express themselves. Confidentially respond to frustrated customers, and use that feedback to improve your business.

Increase Your Online Exposure

With nearly 10% of Google’s entire search algorithm driven by reviews, sendusreviews helps propel you to the top of your local search rankings.

Gain The Competitive Advantage

By collecting more reviews than your competitors, you heighten customer trust in your brand, leading to more click-throughs to your website.


Business Side

Focused Dashboard

The simple dashboard helps you keep track of all your reviews and responses. Giving you a quick and easy way to track how things are going.

Bulk Add Appointments

Add your appointments manually or by uploading a bulk export. Making maintenance of the platform only a few minutes a day.

Respond Directly

Respond to unhappy customers directly through the dashboard. Effectively cultivating a happy customer base.


Customer Side

Quick Customer Feedback

Customers receive a text message asking them how their appointment went

Learn what went Wrong

Unsatisfied customers are privately what went wrong and how their experience can be improved

Turn Negative into Positive

Learn from customers complaints and personally respond to their concerns. Giving you the opportunity to turn a negative experience into positive ones

Don’t just take our words

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