Frequently Asked Questions

What number do my customers get contacted from?

As part of creating an account on SendUsReviews, you choose a number that will be dedicated to your organization

Can I use my own phone number?

We can port over the SMS for most 10-digit landline numbers for a $50 setup fee. This means that SendUsReivews will control the SMS portion of your number while the phone calls will continue the same way. To get this started, signup for an account, then contact us

What happens if I run out of appointments for a month?

Every plan on SendUsReviews comes with a certain number of appointments a month; if you run out of appointments, you can upgrade to the next available plan. If you are having any issues with billing, please feel free to contact us

Can I use a link that isn't a google review link?

Technically, you can use any link you want, but be sure that the link is direct to the review platform. Asking customers to sign into a new platform and figure out how to leave a review is cumbersome and will decrease your response rate. Most of your customers have a google account, and the review link opens the review portal for your business directly

How many responses should I expect a week?

It depends on how many appointments you have. Generally, a good percentage of 4% of appointment customers leaving a 5-star review on Google. This means if you are a practice seeing 500 appointments a week, you should see anywhere between 10-30 new reviews a week

How do I add appointments?

Appointments are added on the dashboard; you can add them individually or upload a CSV with all the appointments. You can add the appointments as far in advance as you want, but be sure not to add them too far after the appointment

What should I do if I am unsure if the customer's phone number is a mobile number?

We recommend uploading whatever you have. In the future, we may add systems to detect mobile or landline numbers

Is there a commitment to using SendUsReviews?

Subscription is month to month; you can cancel any time in your dashboard

Can I use SendUsReviews if I am outside of the USA?

Unfortunately, SendUsReviews is USA only!

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us

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